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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Hightower, Paul. Associated Student Congress Urges Repeal of Women’s Hours
  • Who’s Who Taps 36 Westerners
  • Morris, Richard. Rosey Grier Puts It All Together for Capacity-Plus Lecture Crowd
  • Sutherland, David. National Guard Off the Hook – Kent State Officials Blamed
  • Talisman Pickup Concludes Today
  • Slinker, Pandora. Children’s Choir Perform Tuesday
  • Better Planning Needed for Lectures
  • Kent State Dissent: Right or Duty?
  • George, John. Enjoys Frisbee Exhibtion
  • Colella, Louis. Says Grise Hall Unsafe
  • Sower, John. Congratulations Tom Patterson
  • Patterson, Tom. Rosey Grier: a Big Man Makes a Big Impression
  • Motsinger, Mary. Comical ‘Twelfth Night’ Playing
  • Hoppe, Arthur. Spokesman Defends Elitist Snobs
  • Western vs. Eastern: Stakes High in ‘Renewal of World War III”
  • Potter, Jerry. Ohio Valley Conference Also-Rans Tangle---Toppers’ Injured Harriers to Test Racers
  • Patterson, Tom. A Very Safe Airline Transports Western’s Footballers, Ted Hornback Says
  • Paterson, Tom. Toppers Favored to Win Biggest Battle
  • Terry Hassel, Arfvid Bergman Sweep Tourney
  • Potter, Jerry. Gridders’ Silent Man Dave Klenz is Cast in the Perfect Role


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