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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Cross, Al. Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center Nears Completion
  • Elmore, Valerie. Crafts Shop Offers Chance to Try Skills
  • Cross, Al. Entertainment Tentatively Scheduled
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Investigation by NCAA Began 20 Months Ago
  • Fall Performers Selected
  • WKU Had Fat Years, Now, a Few Lean Ones
  • TV News Must Plug Holes
  • Congress Should Use Opportunity to Define Presidential Powers
  • Merrill, Bonnie. A Few Hints for Beating the Ol’ Registration Grind
  • Associated Student Government Sponsors Book Exchange
  • What’s Happening – Scuba Club, Sigma Nu, International Club
  • People for Peace Plans Meetings, Letter Campaign
  • Faculty Members Receive Independent Research Grants
  • Vocational Teacher Education Gets $38,000 Grant
  • Lawrence, Fred. Economic Adviser Returns to Western Faculty – Ronald Kramer
  • Straitline Has Answers
  • Tax Filing Changes Are Noted
  • Ordinance Leaves Associated Student Government Holding Bag of Trash - Recycling
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Western Drops Overtime Battle to Tennessee Tech, 96-90
  • Smith, Verenda. Tops Swimming Team Drowns Marshall 64-49
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Western’s Two-Year Probation by the NCAA is Stiffer Than the Situation Warrants
  • Rogers, Richard. Freshmen Basketball and Swimming Teams Have Athletes Who Are Competitors
  • Bowling Green Road Runners Club Hold Races Saturday
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Traveling Toppers Trim Two Teams, Drop Four Games During Holidays


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