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Special edition of the College Heights Herald dedicated to fashion. Includes articles:

  • Madison, Stephanie. Spring Fashions Feature the Loose and Shapeless
  • Swanberg, Michael. Economy Affects Men’s Wear
  • Henderson, Ray & J.O. Brown. Last Year’s Men’s Styles Back for Another Season
  • Styles Vary in Casual Wear
  • Casual Outdoor Styles
  • McCamish, Jelaine. T-Shirts Set the Trend
  • Matteson, Teri. Toe Socks Get Attention with Open-Toed Shoes
  • McCamish, Jelaine. Slipper-Like Shoes Return
  • Davenport, Beverly. Spring Jewelry Promises Something for Everyone
  • Purse Styles Return to ‘40s
  • Davenport, Beverly. Versatile Scarves Brighten Outfits with Color Design
  • Madison, Stephanie. Hemlines Fall Dresses Ae Softer with Fluid Lines


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