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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Johnston, Scott. 1925-1975: After 50 Years, More to Come
  • Reynolds, Jim. 1966-75: A Tumultuous Decade Still Includes Progress
  • Edwards, Bruce. The Herald Today
  • Herald Takes Top Prizes from Rating Agencies
  • Ayers, Elaine. The Good Ol’ Days Don’t Last Forever
  • Smith, Verenda. Boss – David Whitaker
  • Smith, Verenda. Mr. A – Bob Adams
  • Herald Adviser Enjoys Himself While Helping Staffers Makes Good
  • Sayre, Robyn. From Roaches to Riches: Photographers Build a Tradition
  • Harris, Roger. Attitudes Change at WKU and Elsewhere
  • Two Herald Cartoonists Reach the Big Time – Whitey Sanders, Dan Lynch
  • Smith, Verenda. Miss Frances Richards Was the Herald’s First Editor and Served as an Adviser for 38 Years
  • Herald Starts Scholarship Fund in Honor of Frances Richards
  • Johnston, Scott. Margaret Gentry Reports from Washington
  • Staff Members Work Together a Few Years, and Then Everyone Goes His Own Way
  • 10 Former Herald Staffers Honored with Annual Award
  • Lucas, John. Some Make It Big, While Some Just Make It
  • A Former Herald Editor, John Lucas, Reminisces About Some of His Friends on the Staff
  • Harris, Roger & Morton Schmitt. 1925-1935 the Herald Was Started on College Heights, a Place Where the Twenties Didn’t Roar
  • Cross, Al. Kelly Thompson
  • Caudill, Tom. L.L. Valentine Recalls Dr. Henry Cherry and That Other Thing
  • Time Separated First Heralders
  • Matteson, Teri. 1936-1945 Enrollment, Buildings Went Up; Students Answered All to Arms
  • Johnston, Scott. Julian Goodman
  • Cross, Al. Russell Dougherty: A Reporter Then, but a General Now
  • Adams, Anne. 1946-1955 Years After World War II Foreshadowed Progress Ahead
  • Cross, Al. Harold Hughes Took Offbeat Path to Journalism Career
  • Budde, Neil. 1956-1966 a Decade of Expansion Climaxed with an Important Name Change
  • Bob Cochran & WKU: A Love Affair Cut Short
  • Jody Richards Served as Adviser During the 60s
  • Smith, Verenda. Bill Strode and His Camera Mirror Life, Crusade for a Better World
  • Various Occupations Attracts Staffers


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