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Meeting minutes, correspondence and clippings associated with an emergency session of the WKU Athletic Committee regarding the rivalry with Murray State University that resulted in several items being defaced with paint and items removed from WKU's campus. There are also documents related to the Red Barn and pep bands. Includes:

  • Meeting minutes 1/12/1956
  • Letter L.T. Smith to Kelly Thompson 1/13/1956 re: rivalry with Murray
  • Letter L.T. Smith to Kelly Thompson 1/14/1956 re: rivalry with Murray
  • Letter Kelly Thompson to Ralph Woods, 1/14/1956 re: vandalism
  • Letter Kelly Thompson to Elmus Beale, 1/31/1956 re: editorial
  • Letter Elmus Beale to Kelly Thompson, 1/26/1956 re: editorial
  • Let's Mend Our Relationship editorial, The Ledger & Times, 1/26/1956
  • Letter L.T. Smith to Murray Faculty Athletic Committee, 2/18/1956 re: cooperation
  • Letter William Nash to L.T. Smith 2/22/1956 re: cooperation
  • Letter Murray Student Organization to Kelly Thompson, 2/22/1956 re: vandalism
  • Letter Kelly Thompson to Murray Student Council 3/3/1956 re: vandalism
  • Letter Kelly Thompson to Tenn Lyle 2/15/1956 re: paint on Cherry Statue
  • Letter R.H. Woods to Kelly Thompson 1/20/1956 re: vandalism at Murray
  • Letter Harold Hamilton to Kelly Thompson 1/6/1956 re: pep bands
  • Letter Kelly Thompson to Harold Hamilton, 1/9/1956 re: pep bands
  • Letter L.T. Smith to Middle Tennessee State College Athletic Committee 1/16/1956 re: pep bands
  • Letter Leonard Crawford to L.T. Smith 1/24/1956 re: pep bands, cheerleaders
  • Letter L.T. Smith to Leonard Crawford, 1/26/1956 re: pep bands, cheerleaders
  • Memo Kelly Thompson to WKU Athletics, 1/9/1956 re: major crowds, fire code
  • Letter Kelly Thompson to Park City Daily News, 1/9/1956 re: Red Barn


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