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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Bond, Beverly. Reputation of Student Actor Stems from His Talent and Versatility – Steve Mathews
  • Mears, Teresa. Academic Council to Consider Revised Drop Policy
  • Halicks, Richard. Faculty Senate Plans in Final Stages
  • New Drop Policy Should Place Limit on Number, not Time
  • Tong, Michael. Courses are Humiliation
  • Poteet, Clint et al. Seek Indoor Basketball Courts to Use
  • Levy, Marc. Criticizes Academic Council
  • Vogt, Christy. Thanks Bill Supporters – Rape Shield Law
  • Ribar, Richard. Interest Decline Causes Foreign Languages Cuts
  • Hohman, Pat. Western’s Own King Corresponds with Royal Peers – Danny Warner
  • Army Chief Wages War in the Dorm – William Cardwell
  • Wildman, Judy. Studio Productions to Open Tomorrow in Theatre 100
  • Theater Buffs Are Planning European Trip
  • Mears, Teresa. Double Play Bill Set for Weekend
  • What’s Happening – Industrial Education & Technology Club, Sigma Delta Chi, International Club
  • Wildman, Judy & Teresa Mears. Lectures Tonight Focus on History, Folklore
  • Huffman, Clyde. Baseballers to Host Commodores Today
  • Stinnett, Roger. Netters to Face Youngstown
  • Diver to Vie in NCAA – Rick Kral
  • Huffman, Clyde. A Course, a Course, Out Kingdom for a Course – Golfers
  • Grove, Jim. Sports Abbreviated: Softball Continues, Netter Inked – Cathy Ferry; TV Show – Track & Field


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