WKU Police

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Composite photo of members of the WKU Police Department in 1999. Top row l to r: Mike Dowell, Eugene Hoofer, Jerry Phelps, Horace Johnson, Ed Wilson, Mike Wallace, Gordon Turner, Brian Ward. 2nd row l to r: Jody Burton, David Gordon, Mike Waldrop, Kelly Anderson. 3rd row l to r: Jeff Eversoll, Damon Fleming, Lisa Grigsby, Kerry Hatchett, Lee McKinney, Allen Polk, Ricky Powell, Tony Purcell, Jared Rickard, Terry Scott. 4th row l to r: Jeff Welch, Glenn Woodard, Mark Zimmerman, Amanda Basham, Brenda Carver, Pam Pryor, Pete Rich, Pat Murphy, Diann Crump, Donna Hearld.


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