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Letter from Nettie Depp to Henry Cherry from Glasgow, Kentucky, August 20, 1910. Transcript of letter:

Pres. H.H. Cherry, Bowling Green, Ky.

My dear Mr. Cherry,

I have been wating [sic] to know for certain just what I was to do. I go to Scottsville next week. I have charge of the 7th and 8th grades and two higher classes at $65.00 per month. This is not the work I wanted to do nor is it the price I wanted to work for, still I think it the best I can do this year and I shall go and do my best.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your kindness in this matter and for the many kindnesses you have shown me since I first entered your institution.

We had a nice association last week. Those that have been in the school there that were in attendance were: Eula Gatewood, Edna Gatewood, Gertrude Underwood, Bessie DeWiese, Nellie Saunders, Chesterfield Turner, Mattie Reed, J.T. Glass, Nettie C. Boles, Zada Smith, my sister and myself.

That afternoon I asked Mr. Turner for a few minutes to speak in behalf of the school - of course he gave it to me - I tried to show the people the advantages the school gives and that they should use them as their own. If I only made one person see this in such a way that he will find his way into the school I shall feel that my little talk was not in vain.

I shall send you a list of names that I got that day.

Yours for success,

Nettie B. Depp


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