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Student Teacher Evaluations Book 2, part 1 for the years 1918 through 1921.

Student teacher reviews exist for all grades and disciplines offered at the WKU Training School at the time. While there are slight differences in review format from one critic teacher to the next, student teachers were critiqued on their appearance, social efficiency and teaching efficiency. The critic teacher added some general remarks and gave a rating:

  • E = excellent
  • F = fair
  • G = good
  • V.G. = very good

This notebook has been divided into three parts for presentation on TopScholar in order to make downloads easier. The original notebook is arranged in alphabetical order by student teacher surname. Some student teachers were critiqued by multiple teachers and for different years. For example, there are two ratings for Ruth McGinnis, 1920-21, 5th grade, reading, history and spelling and 1920-1921, 2nd grade, reading, phonics, arithmetic and industrial work.

  • Part I – Amos, Bessie to Glenn, Irene
  • Part II – Harelson, M.E. to McGinnis, Ruth
  • Part III – Manor, Bertie to Yeager, Addie

This notebook contains evaluations for the following students:

  • Harelson, Mrs. M.E.
  • Harrison, Bessie
  • Hastie, Vivian
  • Heaton, May
  • Henderson, Beulah
  • Hendrick, H.E.
  • Hines, Elsie
  • Holman, Ruth
  • Holmes, Josephine
  • Holt, Elizabeth
  • Hooks, Nall
  • Hopewell, Katherine
  • Jaimeson, Mary
  • Jewell, Grace
  • Johnson, Alma
  • Johnson, Jewell
  • Johnson, Pearl
  • Jones, Alice
  • Jones, Nell
  • Keel, Emma
  • Kirksey, Jewell
  • Lancaster, ?
  • Langston, Faye
  • Lawrence, Mary
  • Layman, Leora
  • Lee, Cora
  • Lewis, John
  • Lowry, C.S.
  • Luter, Mary
  • McGinnis, Ruth


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