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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Minton, Don. Contract Dispute Resolved – Hope of Glory
  • Kuhl, Greg. Fraternity Will Keep House Despite Violations – Kappa Sigma
  • 15 File for Academic Council Seats
  • Freshmen to Elect Officers
  • Blackbirds to be Topic of Discussion at Meeting – Audubon Society
  • Cash, Terry. Voters are Disenchanted with Politics
  • Absentee Vote Suggested
  • Businessmen Trade Concepts – Free Enterprise Fair
  • Bruce, Don. Late Columnist Languishes, but Those are the Breaks
  • Budde, Neil. Crosswords are Hard to Eat
  • Grizzell, John. Criticizes Apathy
  • Delautra, John. College Heights Herald Cartoons Inane
  • Bryant, Ric. Western Couple Explores Edge of Universe – Richard & Karen Hackney
  • Jones-Jaggers Laboratory School in Artists Program
  • Kuhl, Greg. Views on Class Break Policy Vary
  • Wolfe, Bill. Main Washday Factors: Service, Convenience
  • Mears, Teresa. Summer Theater not all Glamour; Students Find Stamina Essential
  • What’s Happening – Student Council for Exceptional Children, Sigma Chi, Sailing Club, Eta Sigma Gamma, Stamp Club, Aviation Club, International Club, Amazing Tones of Joy, Scuba Club, Table Tennis Club
  • Seals & Croft Slated
  • Minton, Don. Associated Student Government Bill Suggests Campus Precincts
  • Student Wins National Office – Steve Marcum
  • Huffman, Clyde. Tops to Face Mystery Offense of Division I University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • Stinnett, Roger. Runners to Open Year Against Southern Illinois University, University of Indiana
  • Huffman, Clyde. Wes Strader, Bud Tyler Air Unique Styles to Thousands of Fans
  • Carl Estelle Honored for Efforts; Keith Tandy, Biff Madon Grade High
  • Ribar, Richard – Weekend Entertainment


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