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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Stinnett, Roger. If Boredom Strikes . . . Make Tracks to Local Attractions
  • Sanders, Linda. Student Affairs Office Helps with Problems
  • Minton, Don. Campus Libraries Hold More than 600,000 Books
  • Cash, Terry. Food Prices Increase at 2 Campus Locations
  • Mears, Teresa. Freshmen Can Receive Credit by Examinations
  • Cash, Terry. Emergency Care, Pharmacy, Lab Tests Available at University Health Services
  • Dekle, Tom. What a Rush – Photo Spread
  • Kuhl, Greg. Open Rush Activities Spur Sororities Full Steam Ahead
  • Students Get More Time for Early Morning Dash
  • Kuhl, Greg. Student Organizations Offer Range of Activities from Religion to CBs
  • Supply of Refrigerators Exhausted
  • Ribar, Richard. Public Safety Offers Services to Students
  • Two Locations are Available to Cash Checks
  • Dry-Cleaning Service Added at Launderette
  • Eldridge, Pam. Downing University Center Offers Food & Fun
  • Registrar, Advisement Housed in Wetherby Administration Building
  • Tougher, Mary. Honors Program Provides Different Perspective
  • Bowling Green Community College Offers Two-Year Plan
  • Associated Student Government, Veterans on Campus Sponsoring Exchange for Books
  • Financial Aid to Move
  • 1532 Freshmen Register
  • Crumpler, David. Bookstore Hours Increase in Preparation for Long Lines
  • Student IDs Open Door to Activities, Resources
  • Counselors Tackle Problems
  • Fall Semester Schedule
  • Forty Foreign Students Attend Orientation
  • Record Enrollment
  • Cash, Terry. Dorms Full; Some Living in Motel
  • Service Cut as Doctor Quits Clinic
  • Yearbooks Delayed Again
  • Minton, Don. Fall Means Problems for Merchants
  • Minton, Don. Students Find New Hazards on Streets – Selective Traffic Enforcement Program
  • Ribar, Richard. No Wayback from Ancient Horrors
  • Downing, Dero. President Encourages Students to Pursue Excellence
  • Mami, Alfina. Elections Planned This Week – Faculty Senate
  • 75 Scholars to Receive New Grants
  • What’s Happening – Table Tennis Club, Sigma Delta Chi, WKU Fencers, Flying Club, College Republicans
  • Crumpler, David. Raymond Cravens’s Sabbatical Begins
  • Stinnett, Roger. Rules Simplify Phone Calls
  • Regents Accept New Majors
  • Regents Keep Positions Despite Expired Terms – Gerald Edds, Chalmer Embry
  • Associated Student Government President Designs Revised Visitation Policy
  • Beauchamp, Donnie & Pat Price. Chronicle of the Final Days: A Freshman Leaves Home – Laura Nation
  • Sanders, Linda. Summer Means Work(shops)
  • Wildman, Judy. New Class Add Policy Authorized by Council
  • Lot Adds Vital Parking Space
  • June Freshman Orientation Advisement Registration makes Starting Easier
  • Sanders, Linda. Newspaper Pro Brings Experience to Western – James Ausenbaugh
  • Dairy Cows Rated; Western’s Herd Wins Top Honors
  • Ex-Westerner Given Citation for Photos – George Wedding
  • Drop-Add Answers Late CLEP Query
  • Minton, Don. Proposal to Standardize Tuition Draws Criticism from Dero Downing
  • Fall Sports Issue to Include Features, Season Previews
  • Huffman, Clyde. Football Veterans Extend Welcome to Rookie Players
  • Huffman, Clyde. A Summer Transfusion in Topper Coaching Arteries Brings New Blood
  • Stinnett, Roger. Intramural Planning Begins
  • Frosh to Provide Depth – Howard Hunt
  • Meeting Called for New Gymnasts
  • Tops Win Ohio Valley Conference Trophy
  • Stinnett, Roger. Foosball to Squash, Recreation Facilities Thrive
  • Mears, Teresa. Professor’s Work, 3 Other Plays Billed – James Baker
  • Mears, Teresa. Arts Festival Has Quality & Variety
  • Minton, Don. Two Lectures, Two Concerts on Associated Student Government Entertainment Slate
  • Planetarium Program Set
  • Ribar, Richard. Foreign Film Festival Features 12 Directors’ Works
  • Ribar, Richard. 2 Teachers, New Facilities Augment Art – Christopher Kakas, Diane Moran


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