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Special edition of the College Heights Herald regarding fashion.

  • Kerrick, Sara. Hair Clips, Simple Chains Add Accent
  • Sanders, Linda. Old Jeans, Remnants Provide Materials for Creative Fashions
  • Ribar, Richard. Jeans, T-Shirts are Always In on the Hill
  • Owen, Karen. Diets: Students Try to Get Winter Bodies in Summer Clothes
  • Hepp, Jan. Eye-Catching, Comfortable Shoes Essential Part of Spring Wardrobe
  • Spring and Perfume are in the Air
  • Wildman, Judy. Gowns, Traditional or Contemporary, are Special Choices for Spring Brides
  • Old Shirts Passe; Stylish Sleep Water Includes Teddy
  • Sanders, Linda. Three-Piece Suit, “Create-A-Dress” Perfect for the Elegant Couple
  • Mears, Teresa. There’s No Shoes Like No Shoes
  • Hepp, Jan. Dress Communicates Self-Concept
  • Taylor, Susan. Face Determines Size, Shape of Eyeglasses
  • Taylor, Susan. Jumpsuits are Popular in Sports Wear
  • Tougher, Mary. Twist a Scarf into a Fashionable Spring Headwrap
  • Ashcraft, Betsy. Back from the 50s, One-Piece Suits are the Latest Provocative Swimwear
  • Bennett, Jo. Women Will Keep the Convenience of Short, Bouncy Hairstyles
  • Minton, Don. Old-Time Short Hair Popular for Men
  • Mami, Alfina. 10 Questions Can Save Money, Worry
  • Some Skin Types May be Sun-sitive
  • Marcroft, Karen. Dresses Ease into Fashion Picture
  • Ashcraft, Betsy. Spring Makeup is Vibrant Colors
  • Eblen, Tom. Vested Suits, Silk Shirts Dominate Menswear


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