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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Callboard
  • Commentary
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • For the Record - arrests
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Opinion
  • Sports

This issue contains articles:

  • Rose, Barry. Committee Sets Entrance Standards
  • Rose, Barry. Formula Funding Plan to be Presented
  • Rose, Barry. Evaluations Called 'Crude' Indication
  • Dias, Monica. Student Doubles as Weather Girl - Laura Case
  • Teachers Should be Rated Each Semester
  • Clark, Donna. Stereotype Resented
  • Dono, Linda. Editor Writes Last Headline While Asleep
  • Whitaker, Karen. Chamber Singers Are Europe-Bound
  • Lyly, Linda. Last Curtain - Tim Millett
  • Angels Help Santa Claus in Dorms
  • Dias, Monica. Associated Student Government Breaks From Student Legislature
  • Buildings Close for Holidays
  • Kinsner, Sandy. Students Making Christmas Gifts to Save Money
  • Test Proposed for Exiting Seniors
  • Whitaker, Karen. Anorexia Causes Complications
  • Francke, Kevin. Teacher Looks for Herpes Cure - Thomas Coohill
  • Francke, Kevin. Student Waits for Cure of Incurable Disease - John Hanner
  • Pinkston, Janet. Internationals Displaced at Christmas
  • Whitaker, Karen. Teacher Emphasizes Writing, Not Grammar - Karen Pelz
  • 3 Law Scholarships Available
  • Estep, Bill. Student's Trash Mocks Commercialization - Cary Hall
  • Herald Announces Editors for Spring
  • Drain to Be Fixed Soon
  • Mathis, Mark. Jeff Bender Kicked Off Team; Larry Walker Promoted


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