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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Kerrick, Sara. Furnaces Fail State Pollution Test
  • Halicks, Richard. Council on Higher Education Reviewing Murray State University Tuition Waiver
  • Halicks, Richard. Loner: His Life’s in His Own Hands – Shane Stead
  • Vincent, Robin. Graves Date to 15 B.C.-Or Do They? – Archaeology
  • Council on Higher Education Wa(I)Vering on Tuition Break
  • Editorial Cartoon: Murray State University Tuition Waiver
  • Wolfe, Bill. Ghost of Parking Past
  • Halicks, Richard. Golfers’ Language is Handicap in Informal Interaction Situation
  • Muckler, Andrew. Criticizes Richard Ribar Column
  • Bruce, Don. In the Air: University Seeking FM Station
  • Eblen, Tom. Waylon Jennings’ Show a Concerted Effort
  • Waylon Jennings Attracts 5,000 to Concert
  • Ribar, Richard. Waylon Jennings Wails Overshadows Jessi Colter’s Best
  • Fine Arts Festival Tickets Still Available for Students
  • Last 2 Plays for Children’s Theater Set
  • Course Begins in Newspaper – Legal Area Studies
  • Minton, Don. New Rush System Well Liked
  • Constitutional Seminar Set
  • Council on Higher Education to Review Budget Tomorrow
  • Faculty Senate Fails to Censure Chairman – Phil Constans
  • Cash, Terry. Log-Istics: Rebuilding Cabin Takes Sweat, Labor – Lynwood Montell
  • Craft Shop Plans Classes
  • Armstrong, Bryan. University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Crushes Western
  • White, Don & Bryan Armstrong. (K)needled . . . Fragile Knees Lead to Costly Casualties
  • Grove, Jim. Mark Stahl Won’t Forget Saturday
  • Bennett, Jo. Young Runners Open Saturday at Illinois State University
  • Bennett, Jo. Vicky Holway’s Secret: Dedication – Track & Field


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