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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue focuses on fall fashions.

  • Crumpler, David. Halter Tops and Muscle Shirts Help Students Beat the Heat
  • Post, Audry. Wool is Well-Suited for Fall
  • Sanders, Linda. Changes in Men’s Wardrobe Include Earthy, Natural Style
  • Eblen, Tom. Get Down for Warmth
  • Post, Audrey. Whether Soft Styles or Tailored Look, Outfit Not Complete Without Accessories
  • Mami, Alfina. Fashion is a Way of Life for Merchandising Graduate – Brenda Leftwich
  • Hepp, Jan. It’s Solar Hair for Girls . . .
  • Wolfe, Bill. . . . Shorter Hair for Guys
  • Young, Monte. Khakis Go AWOL
  • Post, Audrey. Sweaters Practical Fashion
  • Fall Brings Layered Look
  • Gover, James. Fashionable Students Well Heeled
  • Jones, Terry. Glasses Clearly Stylish
  • Testerman, Becky. Students Warming Up to Sweat-Suit Fashion
  • Vincent, Robin. Tennis Buff Aces in Fashion
  • Kerrick, Sara. Coat Tale: Winter Coats Are Warm and Woolly
  • Ribar, Richard. Casualties Expected on Both Sides in Bowling Green Jeans War
  • McCaleb, Cindy. A Stitch in Time Saves Cash


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