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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Post, Audrey. Waylon Jennings’s Arrest May Affect Concert
  • Carload: Paradise May be Paved to Provide Parking
  • Eblen, Tom. Seniors, Grad Students May Register by Computer
  • New Rush System Will Use Convention
  • Hepp, Jan. Registration Called Less Hectic
  • Tomorrow is Last Day to Register
  • Remaining Students to Get Dorm Rooms
  • Post, Audrey. Gong: Mock TV Show Planned
  • Arson Suspect Investigated – Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Rush Rules: Rough, Tough and Empty
  • Mud(dle): Western Should Step Carefully in Concert Issue
  • Editorial Cartoon: Waylon Jennings
  • Ribar, Richard. Some Dance to His Tunes, Some Dance on His Coffin – Elvis Presley
  • Wolfe, Bill. Changes Bring Rash Reaction - Allergies
  • Jones, Terry. Raymond Cravens Breaks Routine in New Job
  • Western Adds About 70 to Faculty, Staff This Fall
  • Francis Morrell, Credit Union Treasurer, Dies
  • 12 Classes Offered at Area Libraries
  • History Rule Brings Changes
  • Auditions Scheduled for Two Majors Shows – Theatre & Dance
  • Meal Plan Sales About Same
  • Free Carpooling Service Can Cut Commuting Cost
  • Jones, Terry. Old Dorm Has New Look, Role – Schneider Hall
  • Bruce, Don. WKYU Revamps Fall Format
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Western Hires Two Trainers – Billy Edwards, Pam Herriford
  • Grove, Jim. Western’s ‘New’ Coaches Aren’t New Anymore – Adele Gleaves, Ray Rose
  • White, Don. Del Hessel Calls Recruits Finest in United States
  • Vincent, Robin. New Gymnastics Coach Wants to Earn Her Own Glory – Adele Gleaves
  • Golfers Not to Play in Illinois Tourney
  • Two More Tops Hurt – Kirby Bennett, Tony Towns


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