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Special issue of the College Heights Herald regarding fashion.

  • Hancock, Catherine. Old and New in Softness for Fashionable Spring Look
  • Judd, Alan. Men’s Fashion Becoming Sportier
  • The Spring Fashion Scene for Guys and Gals.
  • Hancock, Catherine. Natural Fabrics Pose Washday Problems
  • Hancock, Catherine. Bridal Gowns Show New, Old Fashions
  • Makeup Goes Natural, Easy
  • Brady, Bridget. Wet Look is Style for Dryness
  • Wolfe, Bill. Casual Look: Popular Since Eve Let Fig Leaf Go Unironed
  • Kerrick, Sara. Extras Supply Proper Touch
  • Wright, Lynn. Flowing Curls Is New Wave
  • New Swimwear Suiting Many
  • Norton, Carol. Shoes: Strappy, Pastel Sandals Replace Clunky Platforms
  • Sanders, Linda. Students Do It with T-Shirts


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