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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Hayter, Susan. Papal Mission: Visit to Restore Faith, Priests Say – Pope John Paul II
  • Wood, Michele. Faculty Angered by Journal Cutback
  • Beshear, Tom. Evaluations Approved Results to be Secret
  • Jamie Hargrove Speaks on WKYU
  • High School Press Day Set Tomorrow
  • Lots of History to Die with Floridian – Amtrak
  • Gibbons, Roland. Editorial Cartoon - Amtrak
  • Galloway, Amy. Dial-A-President: Speech Reaches Nation-Almost – Jamie Hargrove
  • MacLeish, Patricia. Requests Number Grammar Hotline
  • Delacey & Robert Haack. Faculty Showing Poor – Sigma Nu
  • McCord, Tom. America’s Intellectual Retreat Dismays Prize-Winning Writer – Edward Albee
  • Morris, Ken. Quality Teaching Top Concern
  • Parents Day This Weekend
  • Talisman Expected Next Week
  • Interfraternity Council Rescinds Rush Violations
  • Owen, Karen. Women Move to Guest House
  • Bowling Green Saddle Club Cancels Agriculture Exposition Center Horse Show
  • MacDonald, Margaret. Moscow Symphony Cancels
  • Ticket Sales Rise in Area Theaters
  • Mason, Cecelia. Rate of Bicycle Thefts Up from Last Year
  • Library to Change ID System
  • Circuit Court Judges Attend Classes
  • Library to Change ID System
  • Judges Attend Classes
  • Judd, Alan. Donald Zacharias to Submit Private Funding Plan
  • Associated Student Government Opinion Polls Planned
  • Stewart, Kevin. Northern Michigan Similar to Lamar University – Football
  • Wigginton, Scott. Toppers Take 1st Triumph in Kentucky Women’s Intercollegiate Conference – Tennis
  • George, Tommy. Meet Deals Two Treats – Track & Field
  • Judd, Alan. Title IX Impact on Football Spending Still Debated


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