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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Malone, Roger. Council on Higher Education to Decide Owensboro Consortium’s Future
  • Officer Suspended in Towing Dispute – Sam Bray
  • Winnecke, Joycelyn. School May Discontinue Late Tuition Payments
  • Young Democrats to Meet Here
  • Gibbons, Roland. Editorial Cartoon – Grim Reaper, Halloween
  • Meece, Raymond. Bonfire Wanted
  • Bowen, Patricia, et al. Cooperation Needed – University Libraries
  • Ward, Catherine. Column Facetious
  • Fisicaro, Sebastiano. Subliminal Seduction Not Proven
  • Morris, Ken. Associated Student Government Rejects Move to Close Diddle Hall – Diddle Dorm
  • Court Denies City’s Petition – Kentucky Building
  • Winnecke, Joycelyn. Dorm Rooms Inspected Twice Monthly
  • Kentucky Education Association Official to be at Meeting – WKU Staff
  • Beaty, Lisa. Folk Musician Has Grand Ole Time – Cathy Para
  • Sylvia Kersenbaum, Vsevolod Lezhnev Join Symphony Concert
  • Fountain Square Players Opener on Nov. 8
  • Fish, Tim. University Center Board Adopts $70,750 Budget
  • Stewart, Kevin. Middle Tennessee State University, Coach James Donnelly Anxious for First Taste of Victory
  • Young, Monte. TV Game to Bring $36,000
  • Flag Football Season Nearing End
  • Riflery Team to Compete
  • Long-Distance Calls May be Curtailed
  • Energy Use Speech Nov. 8


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