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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Wheeler, Fred. U.S. Orders Plan for Desegregation
  • Mitchell, Cyndi. Subcommittees May Determine Budget Cuts
  • Smith, Erica. Time the Only Remedy for Influenza Victims
  • Allen, Chris. Older Students Learn Shakespeare – Bowling Green Towers
  • Desegregation: Good Idea, Poorly Timed
  • Comer, Diane. Old Flames: Writer Finds High School Diary Hard to Burn
  • Taylor, Stephanie. Committee Overdue
  • Davis, Patti. Students Aggravated by Moldy Dorm Rooms – Potter Hall
  • 2 Receive National Internships – Margaret Shirley, Tommy George
  • Conway Twitty to Be First Spring Concert
  • Professor Publishes Book – John Spurlock
  • Smith, Erica. Foreign Exchange: Students Get Credit for European Visit
  • Committee Still Searching for Potter College Dean
  • Runner, Katharyn. NAACP Works for a Positive Black Identity
  • Almost Home: Country Counts Down Final Hours to Iranian Hostage Release
  • Sheets, Carol. Telethon Workers Go Backstage
  • Crop Production Clinic Held
  • Raque, Sally. Tops Down Eastern with Balanced Attack - Basketball
  • Skaggs, Phil. Gary Carver Sparks Topper Win
  • Heath, Mark. Workout: NCAA Focuses on Women, I-AA Football Playoff


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