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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Edelen, Mark. Potter College Accused of Grade Inflation
  • Struck, Angela. Jail Stay Short, But not Sweet – Jeanette Fugate, Barbara Fugate, Laura Coin
  • Emery, Matt. Right Attitude Helps Testy Students Cope
  • Additions Improve Food Service
  • Knapp, Kevin. Editorial Cartoon - Student Scrooge
  • Meehan, Mary. College Life Dampens Christmas Cheer
  • DeArmond, Don. Coverage Incorrect
  • Colyer, David. Dancing Rat Definitely for Kids – Chuck E. Cheese
  • Malmer, Victoria. Book Exchange Signup Will Begin Tomorrow
  • Jones, Paige. Hanging of Green Kicks Off Season
  • Robertson, Marcia. Homemade Presents Provide Alternative to Shopping Hassle
  • Tomes, Gail. Dorm Decor Adds to Spirit
  • Dorm Inspection Bill Killed 40-10 by Interhall Council
  • Humphreys, Mack. Poland Hall All Wet After Trash Fire
  • Robertson, Marcia. Electronic Church Forum Topic
  • Thomas, Ursula. Physics Fun Attracts Students
  • Woods, Brent. Mike Ballenger Shines as Toppers Roll - Basketball
  • Givan, Steve. Salukis Scared to Death about Return Visit
  • Gott, Doug. Despite Big Win, Bill Powell not Impressed – Swimming
  • Revenge Despite Big Win, Powell not Impressed
  • Salukis Scared to Death about Return


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