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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Freshman
  • Sports
  • News
  • Rose, Barry. City Greets Students with Banners, Booths
  • Moore, Grace. Short-term Loans Available to Students Waiting for Grants
  • Filing Begins Sept. 19 for Freshman Elections
  • Ralston, Jessica. Counseling Center Gives Advice, Tests
  • Elmore, Gary. Local Radio Stations Offer a Variety of Programming.
  • Meehan, Mary. Area Rental Property Scarce
  • Edelen, Mark. Program Stresses Interaction in Class – Honors Program
  • Paul, Steve. Associated Student Government May Sponsor Discount Card
  • Churches Provide Worship, Activities
  • Bookstore Sells Other Items
  • Edelen, Mark. Parking Permits Needed Tomorrow
  • Dezern, Craig. Experience Trains Resident Assistants
  • Edelen, Mark. Six Libraries Offer More than Books
  • Ralston, Jessica. Garrett Conference Center Fire Won’t Slow Post Office
  • Ralston, Jessica. Major Problems Handled at Career Planning, Academic Advisement & Placement Center
  • Townsley, Ted. Residents Need Linen
  • Rose, Barry. Escort Service Will Resume
  • Towsnley, Ted. Laundries Tackle Job of Cleaning Clothes
  • Bloss, Lou. Cartoon – Laundry
  • Herald to Publish 57 Issues
  • Freshman Record Previews Campus
  • Paul, Steve. Food Services Sell 5 Meal Plans
  • Salads Priced by the Ounce
  • More than 130 Organizations Active on Campus
  • Peerman, Tami. Recreation Available Off Campus
  • Elmore, Gary. Services Differ at Banks
  • Farley, Mark. Stores Offer Cheap Clothing
  • Embry, Pam. Games to Help Freshmen Adjust
  • Ralston, Jessica. Campus Phone Books Expected by October


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