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Two issues of Spread Eagle "with the separate yet co-ordinated staffs, conservative and liberal, strives to present critical viewpoints on topics (campus, local and national) of importance ot the community of Bowling Green."

Black, Larry
Blaine, Linda
Brown, Gregg
Campbell, John
Cato, Steve
Coomes, Jim
Drago, Jack
Embry, Hugh
Gregory, Lee
Hall, Janet
Hamby, Warren
Hatfield, Robert
Hayes, Judy
Lloyd, Susan
Massey, Scott
Neel, Mickey
Percival, Lynn
Pulsinelli, Robert
Pusiteri, Joe
Sims, Terry
Slone, Andi
Smith, Albert
Stewart, Rod
Strehl, Conrad
Stroud, Steven
Thompson, Ann
Tinker, Robert
Trooley, Yerz
Walker, Eniz
Woodward, Lana


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