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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Albrecht, Dana. Western Enrollment Soars to Record 14,116
  • Underwood, Jennifer. More Money Necessary to Realize Goals
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Rapture: Prediction of Christ’s Return Misses Mark
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Louie Nunn Says Branches Cooperate
  • Search for Music Head Starts Again
  • Lambert, Michelle. Contest Storms Into Niteclass – Blizzard of Bucks
  • Satellite Campus Block Good Move by Council on Higher Education – WKU Glasgow
  • Denney, Mike. Editorial Cartoon – Extended Campus
  • Davis, Sarah. Get Informed
  • Gott, Amos. Student’s Forum
  • Estes, Robin. Sick of Sweating
  • Smith, Mary. Women’s Network
  • Shannon, Tim & Kerry Smith. Letter Contradicts
  • Thank University Center Board by Attending the Church
  • Lowry, Mark. Ludicrous Belief – Censorship
  • Lyons, Andy. Conflict’s Silly
  • Patrick, Kelli. Blood Donors Have Big Hears
  • Welch, Jeff. AIDS Policies Await Executive Decision
  • Fullen, Rebecca. Associated Student Government Approves Ban on Future Write in Campaigns
  • 2 Indiana Men Indicted in Murder Case – Angela Settle
  • Groups Sign 1,200 Voters
  • Maertz, Susan. Radio Program Serves Up Local Music
  • Chattin, John. Native Artist Returns to Country for His Best Exhibit – Joe Downing
  • Koniak, Joseph. Styles Don’t Clash in Dynamite Third
  • Woehler, Eric. Video Wastes The Who in Lip-Sync Shtick
  • Pack, Todd. Boss EP for True Fans – Bruce Springsteen
  • Eagleston, Leigh. Ben Vereen to Face the Music at Capitol Before Masked Ball
  • Chattin, John. Classics Spice Center Theatre’s Movie Schedule
  • Western to Look for Student to Study in Japan
  • ROTC Officer Tells Cadets of New Program – Michael Davidson
  • Hernes, Tom. Western to Face Sputtering Middle Tennessee State University Offense – Football
  • Tatum, Doug. 3-Year-Old Streak to be Threatened – Soccer
  • Key, Julius. Former Topper Had Chance to Beat the Odds – David Smith
  • Dennis, Andy. Winning Feeling Follows Tops to New Mexico State University Tournament – Volleyball
  • Eline, Sidney. Hall of Fame Meet to Honor Inductees – Track & Field


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