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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Woehler, Eric. Campaign Team Left Nothing to Chance
  • Stevenson, Cindy. Selling Sample Texts Presents Ethical Question for Teachers
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Group on Campus Interested in Adding $4 Fee for Lobbing
  • Tutt, Allison. Variety of Food Flavors Display
  • Committee’s Limited Efforts Aren’t Enough
  • Hart, Kendall. Basketball Investigation Editorial Cartoon
  • Hernes, Tom. Left-out Ronald Reagan Viewer Settles for Greasy Burgers
  • Fuller, Mary. Proud Democrat
  • Pendley, Micah. George Bush Touted
  • Vmx, Wzy. Candidates Liars
  • Thomason, Hugh. Judge Pat Robertson
  • Hernes, Tom. Joe Arnold Bowls Over Eagles as Tops Win – Football
  • Poore, Chris. Western Panel Questioning Eight Players – Basketball
  • Tatum, Doug. Runners Set 2 Course Records Saturday in 10K Race
  • Tatum, Doug. Seniors to Play Last Home Again - Soccer
  • Dennis, Andy. Tops Will Face Middle Tennessee State University Tonight – Volleyball
  • 2,000 Kept From Rally by Lack of No Shows


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