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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Underwood, Jennifer. Search Costs Less than Previous One – Thomas Meredith
  • White, Douglas. Local Woman Recalls Severe Panic Attacks – Sandy Goettsch
  • Schalgenhauf, Ann. No One Goes to a Party Expecting to Be Date Raped
  • Tsimekles, Dinae. Phonothon Working Toward $60,000 Goal
  • Five Residence Hall Associates Seats Filled Yesterday
  • Tutt, Allison. Repairs Strengthen Rock House
  • WKU Glasgow Class Offerings Aid Enrollment
  • Crackdown on Underage Drinking Overdue
  • Hart, Kendall. Underage Drinking – Editorial Cartoon
  • Department Phonothons a Good Call
  • Lowry, Mark. Decision Baffling
  • Mason, Steve. Greeks Resented?
  • Burris, Ben. Michael Dukakis Not Dodging
  • Carter, Darla. Bowling Green Junior College Closing Has Little Effect
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. New Sorority Choices Narrowed to Two
  • Garrett, Angela. Attendance Policy Has Little Campus Impact
  • Fullen, Rebecca. Women Urged to Fix Power Imbalance
  • Space Shuttle’s Landing Is Amazing to Students
  • Woehler, Eric. Volleyball Gives Way to Mudslinging
  • Fullen, Rebecca. Western Gains Part-Time Students, Loses Full-Timers
  • Patrick, Kelli. Flowers Meanings Rarely Sway Buyers
  • Flower Power
  • Hernes, Tom. Dave Roberts Says Tops Must Improve – Football
  • Key, Julius. Passing Game Gets Failing Marks So Far
  • Hernes, Tom. Second Round at Steak for Team
  • Soccer Team Missing Luis Liontop’s Leadership
  • Terri Mann Still in Bowling Green
  • Quarterback Can’t Find Rhythm – David Armstrong
  • Golf Team Compiling Best Season
  • Dennis, Andy. Toppers Use Tournaments to Get Ready for Sun Belt – Volleyball
  • Tatum, Doug. 1-0 Loss to University of Alabama-Birmingham Ties Longest Losing Streak - Soccer
  • Albrecht, Dana. Years Later, Victim Seeks Help – Rape


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