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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Stevenson, Cindy. More Women, Fewer Blacks Enrolling Here
  • Ezell, Stacy. Gifts Deserving to be Forgotten Remembered
  • Hudgins, Anastasia. Some Students Lack Sills Upon Admission
  • Fullen, Rebecca. Associated Student Government Drops Weeklong Break – Thanksgiving
  • Fullen, Rebecca. Members Give Associated Student Government Average Rating
  • Underwood, Jennifer. Activities Center Plans to be Trimmed – Preston Health & Activities Center
  • Garrett, Angela. Unique Christmas Trees Help Charities Gather Gifts & Money
  • A Holiday Fit for Martin Luther King Jr. Long Needed at Western
  • Hart, Kendall. Cost of Textbooks – Editorial Cartoon
  • Dangerous Crosswalk Needs Fixing – University Boulevard
  • Eagleston, Leigh. Christmas Boredom Comes Only Once a Year
  • Barnes, Ron. Bruce Cambron
  • Kash, Jenni. High Humor
  • Jones, Jill. Take Action
  • McMahon, William. General Changes
  • Tsimekles, Diane. Pianist’s Keys to Music are Emotion, Romance – Sylvia Kersenbaum
  • Flener, Mark. New Holiday Music is Nothing but Seasonal Commercialism
  • Garrett, Angela. Demo Music Tape is First Step for Ad Major’s Stardom Search – Melissa Harris
  • Albrecht, Dana. Play Offers Holiday Fun – Pinocchio
  • Patrick, Kelli. Student Model Sells Self-Image – Michael Baugh
  • Turner, Karla. Be Prepared to Combat Job Interview Anxiety
  • Eline, Sidney. College Munching Often Adds Weight
  • Lambert, Michelle. Big Red Helps Light Up Western
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. Greeks Skate, Party to Raise Money
  • Committee to Study Advising Crunch – Faculty Senate
  • Bricking, Tanya. White Squirrels Give Hill Splash of Color
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Student Ad Agency Reopens After 5 Years
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Professor’s Hobby is a Barrel of Fun – Terry Leeper
  • Summers, Jason. Jr Food Stores Decide to Give Adult Magazines One More Try
  • Underwood, Jennifer. Drug, Alcohol Abuse Task Force Appointed
  • New College Heights Herald Editors Picked; Douglas White Chosen for Top Job
  • Dennis, Andy. Toppers play for Sellout Crowd – Basketball
  • Tatum, Doug. Opposites Meet in Women’s Game
  • Parsons, William. Western Meets Indianapolis – Swimming
  • Parsons, William. Heart Failure May Keep 18-Year-Old Out of Pool – Brian Nash
  • Key, Julius. Holiday Wishes for Hilltoppers of all Fields
  • Tatum, Doug. Commentary
  • Hernes, Tom. Letters to Saint Nick for Teams
  • Dennis, Andy. Commentary
  • Key, Julius. Probe Top Sports Story


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