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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Underwood, Jennifer. Greek Row Out; Another Plan Getting a Look
  • Underwood, Jennifer. Freshman Enrollment Tops Kentucky Again
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Groups Build Shanty to Protest Apartheid – United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Mixed Dating Draws 45 People to Forum
  • Carter, Darla. WKU Glasgow Still Forming Advising System
  • Efforts Needed to Heighten Interest in Sports
  • Denney, Mike. Sports Fans – Editorial Cartoon
  • Support Tops Against Eastern Kentucky University
  • Kelley, Steve. Comment Argued
  • Wilson, Richard. Article Inane
  • Schira, Norma. Quoted Inaccurately
  • Syre, Thomas. What Happened?
  • Pendleton, Jeff. Help Sophomores
  • Alvey, Scott, et al. Have a Clue
  • Stahl, E.J. Rally Ignored
  • Summers, Kaye. Senior with 4.0 Still Manages to Cram in Fun – Hope Hayden
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. Alpha Gamma Delta Goes Western
  • Checks on Lotter Discussed
  • Turner, Karla. Class to Provide Free Rides from Bars – Social Work
  • Duff, Jill. Messiah, Dance Concert Replace Madrigal
  • Duff, Jill. After First Season, Public Theatre of Kentucky Still Struggles for Struggle
  • Capitol Offers Students Only Series Discounts
  • Summers, Jason. Role Playing Game Brings Life to Bullwinkle, Rocky Cartoon
  • Eagleston, Leigh. Capitol Stages Dylan Thomas Poem
  • Miracle, Phoenicia. Presidential Campaigners Run up Tabs at Western
  • Thomas Meredith Appoints Task Force on AIDS
  • Students Can Nominate Professors for Awards
  • Students Write, Bind Own Books
  • Hernes, Tom. Tops Will Score First, Win by 3 – Football
  • Henres, Tom. Whenever East Meets West, It’s a War
  • Newton, Jeff. Hilltoppers Will Lose by Two Touchdowns
  • Tatum, Doug. Defense Keys 89-60 Win Over Illinois State University – Basketball
  • Tatum, Doug. Ex-Soccer Standout Gets Kicks from Kids – Luis Liontop
  • Dennis, Andy. Butler University’s 3-Pointers Bomb Tops in Loss
  • Dennis, Andy. Murray Arnold Expects Hot Tournament
  • Pep Rally in Niteclass Tonight
  • Western Faces Challenge at Indianapolis – Swimming
  • Stevenson, Cindy. Nicaragua-Bound Trucks Stopping Here Saturday – Newman Center


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