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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Miracle, Phoenicia & Diane Tsimekles. Election Puts End to Clubs Campaign – Young Republicans, Young Democrats
  • Underwood, Jennifer. Discrimination Evident Here
  • Klausnitzer, Dorren. Time Determines Whether Students Cram for Exams
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Educational Problems to Be Addressed
  • Car Driven by Girl, 15, Hits Injures Freshman – Dawn Clark
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. God Must Be Crazy in Contest
  • Delayed Phone Books Put Students on Hold
  • Recreation Center vs. Library Editorial Cartoon
  • Associated Student Government’s Efforts Directly Help, Serve Students
  • Davidson, Victoria. Proud Republican
  • Gott, Amos. Understand Associated Student Government
  • Cambron, Bruce. Coverage One Sided
  • Butler, Heather. Attacks Unfair
  • VanMeter, John. Lady Tops’ Loss
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. Alpha Phi Makes Case for New Sorority
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. Row Confusion Puts Some Greeks on Hold
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. Ride Like Wind on Getaway Weekends
  • Duff, Jill. House of Blue Leaves Rakes Core of Values
  • Flener, Mark. Tonio K. Album Is a Strikeout
  • Bailey, Howard. School Lacks Sufficient Black Faculty
  • McCracken, Rob. Students Tune Out Votes, Watch Videos
  • Blandford, Perry. Senior Leaves Country Quiz Show with Liquid Plumr, Memories – leigh Douglas
  • Summers, Kaye. Student, Mother Honored for Volunteer Work – Kathy Murphy
  • Gaines, Jill. Some Lawyers Offer Tips on Fighting Traffic Tickets
  • Patrick, Kelli. Friendly Bowling Green Draws Some Alumni Home


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