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Special healthy living edition of the College Heights Herald.

  • Moore, Brittiny. Sustainability Committee to Create a Healthier Campus Environment
  • Matthews, Carly. WKU Addresses Food Waste in Beneficial Methods – Sustainability, Dining Services
  • Sullivan, Tommy. Students Explore Different Ways to Get Up the Hill
  • Mayo, Marcel. Students on SNAP: Hilltoppers Offer Insight Into Healthy Diet On a Budget – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Davis, Sydney. Group X Classes Offer a Nontraditional Workout – Physical Fitness
  • Pettway, Shantel. Popular Versus Unpopular Foods on Campus – Dining Services, Restaurants
  • Moore, Mollie. Where to Find the Best Vegan Food on Campus – Dining Services, Restaurants
  • Profumo, Morgan. A Cup of Coffee a Day Could Help Combat Exhaustion
  • Moore, Mollie. Healthy Habits to Develop Now to Help Ease Stress Later
  • Wilson, Francis. WKU Offers Martial Arts Course to Promote Campus Safety – Wing Chun System
  • Wright, Samantha. Preston Health & Activities Center Offers Fitness & Health for All


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