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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Corum, John. New Chinese Building Leads to Questions – Confucius Institute
  • Voorhees, Jessica. WKU’s Aging Electrical Grid Continues History of Problems
  • Rogers, Shelby. Snow Patrol: Facilities to Retool Snow Response After Major Storm – Weather, Winter
  • Harney, Lashana. Kentucky Educators See Improvement with Common Core – Curriculum
  • Crumbie, Trey. Students, Faculty & Staff Return to the Hill – Snow, Winter, Weather
  • Editorial Cartoon Pearce-Ford Tower Relocation Program
  • Snowpaco-lapse In Judgement – Utilities
  • French, Jackson. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Overflows with Weak Humor – Movie Review
  • Kolb, William. Basket Basics – Wildcat Little Dribblers
  • Martin, Madison. Out of Your League: Atypical Athletes Participate in WKU Sport Clubs – Intramural Recreational Sports
  • Henderson, Andrew. Kentucky Museum Celebrates Local Art – US Bank Celebration of the Arts Exhibition
  • Greer, John. Buckhead Café Serves Doses of Satisfaction – Restaurants
  • Rutledge, Billy. Tops Look to Defend Fourth Place in Diddle Arena – Basketball
  • Despaco, Evan. Men’s Swimming & Dive Team Named Conference USA Champions
  • Phillips, Jonah. Back on Top – Basketball
  • Rutledge, Billy. Toppers Struggle Defensively, Drop Two Straight on the Road – Basketball


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