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Special housing edition of the College Heights Herald.

  • Mathews, Mackenzie. Becoming an Resident Assistant – Housing & Residence Life
  • Williams, Joanna. Dorm Guide – Housing & Residence Life
  • Allen, Whitney. Students Save By Living at Home
  • Rogers, Shelby. How to Snag the Dream Residence Hall
  • Crumbie, Trey. My New Kentucky Home – Kentucky Street Apartments
  • Rogers, Shelby. Pick Your Apartment
  • Mudd, Aaron. International Students Share Apartment Experiences
  • Crumbie, Trey. Establishing Common Ground with Your Roommate
  • Williams, Joanna. Knowing Your Rights While Living in a Rental House
  • Parker, Jacob. One Student’s Account of an Alternative Living Situation – Trailers, Mobile Homes
  • Mathews, Mackenzie. Interior Designers Help Dec Out Dorms
  • French, Jackson. International Students Find Adjustments Living in Dorms
  • Burton, Kristina. Freshmen Adapt to Campus Life by Living in Residence Halls


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