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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue includes articles:

  • Carlton, Chad. Bonds Would Pay for Repairs; Proposed Salary Raises Cut
  • Carlton, Chad. President’s Budget Idealism Meets Legislators’ Reality
  • Turner, Todd. Groups Seek End to Suitcasing Problem
  • Meehan, Mary. Runners Flock to Wendy’s 10K
  • Opinion: Suitcasing Won’t Disappear Without Action
  • Editorial Cartoon - Suitcasing
  • Russians Can Offer Insight
  • Pickerill, Brian. Pearce-Ford Tower Director Criticized
  • Pontrich, Shirley. Area Groups Need Student Help - Youth Action Program
  • Couch, Scott. Russians Will Share Views
  • Paul Cook Wants Support for Council on Higher Education Strategic Plan
  • Hitchcock, Lisa. Violin Performer Harmonizes with Symphony - Elmar Oliveria
  • Satellite Show Will Be Aired Here Tomorrow
  • Bright, Barry. True Car Buffs Buy Corvette Trivia
  • Art Professor Wins $1,000 for Painting - Walter Stomps
  • Art Degree Changes; Accreditation Sought
  • Thomas, Ursula. Campus Radio Stations Exceed Goal, Collect $34,000
  • Barnhart, Rebecca. New Sports Degree Proposed
  • Medley, Joe. Gerald Anderson Romps Tops for 154 Yards – Football
  • Medley, Joe. Young Defense May Be Bright Spot in the Future – Football
  • Medley, Joe. All but One Goal Realized for David Holmes’ Squad – Soccer
  • Tops Lose 3 at Memphis - Volleyball
  • Jessie, Lisa. Lillie Mason, Clemette Haskins Pace White Team – Basketball
  • Schureck, George. Renegades Nip Sigma Nu for Title – Intramurals


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