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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hoppes, Lynn. Snowfall Prompts Attacks
  • Stone, Tom. Students Reach Out to Recruit Freshmen
  • Harris, Carla. 43% of Faculty Here Say Morale is Poor
  • Koniak, Joe. Love May Be Free but Showing It Isn’t
  • Struck, Angela. Rose Prices Rise Near Lovers’ Day
  • Opinion: Snow Decision Sparks Mob Mentality
  • Barry, Julia. Editorial Cartoon – Paul Cook Cancelling Classes
  • Gates, Brian. Greeks Criticized
  • Kaufman, Lisa. Dorm Policy Questioned
  • Bush, Paul. Prank Reproved
  • Miller, Darrell. Greek Article Criticized
  • Latin American Buffet to be Feb. 27
  • Hurt, Lisa. Meteorology Degree Gives University a Monopoly
  • Parson, Kim. Shuffle Stomp: Down-Home Dancing Coming to Western
  • White, Douglas. Off-Beat Paintings and Porcelain Star at Capitol Show – John Martin
  • Pack, Todd. Interhall Council, Housing Study Remodeling Lobbies
  • Lip-sync Show Rescheduled for Feb. 25
  • Olsson, Jan. Murals Help Liven Up Dorm Walls
  • Turner, Todd. 65 Come to Hear and Watch Blacks’ Stories of Vietnam
  • Cupid’s Corner: Valentine’s Day Messages
  • Maxwell, Kim. Lower Prices on Class Rings Next Week
  • Jessie, Lisa. Jazz Ensemble and Show Choir to Perform Jointly
  • Stone, Tom. Coaches Replace Dealer Plates
  • Milk Machine Gone for Good from Dorm Lobbies
  • Woods, Brent. Tops Go for 20th win vs. South Florida – Basketball
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Toppers Prepare to Face University of Alabama-Birmingham, Lady Jaguars –Basketball
  • Medley, Joe. At 16, Victor Ngubeni Settles into Life as a Student-Athlete
  • Fullbacks, Linemen Inked for Next Year
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Hilltoppers Set to Meet Salukis – Swimming
  • Givan, Steve. Old Dominion Owns One-Game Lead –Sun Belt Conference
  • Cold Beer Beats Alpha Phi Alpha 54-41 – Intramurals


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