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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Stone, Tom. Murray Arnold Named Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Jessie, Lisa. Terrorism Class Agrees U.S. Attack Was Wrong – Libya
  • Richards, Toya. Scholarship-Finding Firms Cost Students, Director Says – Lee Watkins
  • White, Douglas. Speaker Urges New Way of Thinking – Robert Bowman
  • Chamberlain, Linda. Professors Revise Letters of 18th-Century Irishman – Robert Ward, Catherine Ward
  • Hutcherson, Jackie. Paul Bunch Sheds Light on 2 Associated Student Government Proposals
  • Spirit Dancers to be Sponsored by University
  • Try Making School Better, Not Easier – Associated Student Government
  • Students Took Tim Todd for Better or Worse
  • College Heights Herald Toots Own Horn
  • Barry, Julia. Editorial Cartoon – Ronald Reagan & Muammar Gaddafi
  • Hessley, Rita. Letter Asks What If – Athletics vs Academics
  • Summers, Kimberly. Appreciates Help – Associated Student Government
  • Todd, Tim. Critical of Reporting – Associated Student Government
  • Richards, Toya. Play Helps Children Understand Death – The Arkansaw Bear
  • Distributor Acquires Film – Mary Miller, Michael Lasater
  • Malmer, Victoria. Dancers: A Study in Sacrifice, Red Meat & Sleep Just a Couple Things They Give Up for Art
  • Koniak, Joe. Cincinnati Painter Rachel Harper Judges Student Art Exhibit
  • News in Brief: Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter Wins Recognition
  • News in Brief: Jeff Allen Band to Play Beach Bash ‘86
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Initiates 23 Members, Elects Top Officers
  • Jessie, Lisa. 40 Lunchtime Learners Bring Appetites, Curiosity to Kentucky Library Tuesday
  • White, Douglas D. Getting Hitched: Tows Trucks Make Little Money, No Friends
  • Big Red Tryouts Scheduled for Next Thursday
  • Turner, Todd. Without More Money, University Center Board Says Concerts Are in Promoters’ Hands
  • Givan, Steve & Brent Woods. Players Take Wait and See Stance On New Coach – Basketball
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Mark Fatkin, Kami Thomas Are Athletes of the Year
  • Medley, Joe. Tops Have Momentum for Blazers – Baseball
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Paul Sanderford One of Five Finalists for Florida State Job
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Tonya Wells Signs with Lady Tops
  • Lawrence, Lucretia. Banquet Recaps Final Four Season - Basketball
  • Hoppes, Lynn. Men, Women Shoot for Good Showings – Golf


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