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Rodes-Helm lecture by Harry Gray and James Ausenbaugh entitled An Evening with A Scientist and a News Man moderated by Lowell Harrison. The lecture format allows each speaker 20 minutes to present his/her topic, response time to each other and ends with a question / answer session from the audience.

Dr. Harry Gray, a leading authority in the field of solar energy, fears that science is advancing so fast on so many fronts that the public can't keep up. More specifically, he worries that the news media's ability - or commitment - to help keep the public informed is limited. Since public opinion affects public policy which in turn has an effect on scientific development, this situation has tremendous implications for the future. [Rodes-Helm Lecture Series Program]

James Ausenbaugh joined WKU as a professor of journalism in 1976. Prior to that time he worked at the Louisville Courier-Journal, Stars and Stripes and Evansville Press.

Harry Gray is a Bowling Green native, WKU graduate and Arnold Beckman professor of chemistry at California Institute of Technology since 1966.


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