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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Tsimekles, Diane. Amos Gott, Lynn Groemling Survive Primary – Student Government Association
  • Tsimekles, Diane. Certification Troubles Oust Some Candidates
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. Lottery Luck – Lisa Yates
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. Insurance Costs Will Continue to Climb, Officials Say
  • Carter, Darla. Psychology Teacher Karlene Ball Says Grant Quite Flattering
  • Lockert, Anya. Photographs Will Be Auctioned – Photojournalism
  • Language Department Gets New Head – Luz Umpierre-Herrara
  • Wally World: Governor Says Lottery Just the Ticket for Kentucky
  • Chattin, John. Editorial Cartoon King Wallace Wilkinson with Lottery Carrot
  • Syre, Thomas. Come to Careers Expo
  • Leffert, Joe. Choose Michael Colvin
  • Barman, Curtis. Take a Break – University Center Board
  • Key, Jeff & Paula Hamm. Supports Amos Gott
  • Cambron, Bruce. Elect Lynn Groemling
  • Barman, Curtis. Best Man for Job – Amos Gott
  • Gott, Amos. Thanks for Support
  • Engle, Bill. Keep Momentum – Amos Gott
  • McCubbin, Missy. You Gott It
  • Roof, Darla. Get the Last Laugh – Alex Cole
  • Lassner, Lee. Time for Truth – Congress
  • Schlagenhauf, Ann. People Live, Breathe Disc Golf
  • Hulsman, Lynn Marie. Music’s Message Unheard – Sonny Okosuns & the Ozzidi Band
  • Albrecht, Dana. Romantic Notions Dashed in Satiric Production – Arms & the Man, Theatre & Dance
  • Fauver, Elizabeth. Eminentia Show Displays Soft Splashes of Color – Art Exhibition
  • Hall, David. Parks Have Free Fun for Outdoors Lovers
  • Fauver, Elizabeth. Students Asked to Grade Campus Health Services
  • Don’t Go Krogering for Lottery Tickets
  • Jackson, Xavier. NOW Trying to Break Tradition – National Organization for Women
  • Turner, Karla. Ecuadorian Psychologist Lecturing Here This Week – Vera Kohn
  • Dennis, Andy. New Running Game Gets 11-3 Win – Baseball
  • Rush, Paula. Next Five Expected to Ready Team for Sun Belt – Tennis
  • Key, Julius. What Draws My Attention and Admiration? Baseball!
  • Familiar Faces fill Football Schedule
  • Men Want to Continue Hot Streak – Golf
  • Tops Won’t Run at Full Strength – Track & Field
  • National Library Week Slated to Kick Off Sunday
  • Hall, Stacey. Studying Colors Sends Professor Walter Stomps to Turkey
  • Drug Awareness Week Activities Continue
  • Inauguration Celebration Begins Monday – Thomas Meredith
  • Kinslow, Gina. Speeches Highlight Health Expo


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