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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Green, Travis. Only Two Running for Associated Student Government President
  • Meet the Candidates – Dwight Adkins, Michael Colvin
  • Wessling, Susan. Raises Top Faculty’s Budgetary Wish list
  • Doyle, Cassondra. Debate Over Women In Combat Heats Up
  • Extended Campus Study Almost
  • Financial Aid Plan in Jeopardy
  • Houchens, Gary. Professor John Hagaman Takes Broken Legs in Stride
  • Hoover, Amy. Student Wins Chance to be On Game Show – Tom Grubba
  • Green, Travis. Student Workers May Pay Social Security Tax
  • Subscribers Should File Address Fix
  • Super Opportunity to Study Waste Disposal
  • Chattin, John. Editorial Cartoon Big Red & Kemble Johnson Sorting Garbage
  • Murray Doyle, Cassondra. Space Limits All Views from Being Printed – Letters to the Editor
  • Kessinger, Kristin. Face-Lift Needed
  • Pestrak, Vic. Source Cites Sources
  • Lyda, Trent. Rude Awakening – Facilities Services
  • Walters, Melissa. Helpful Students – Charity Fund Raising
  • Caso, Bud. Too Many Accidents
  • Kelly, John. Survey Says Most Americans Scientifically Illiterate
  • Dorris, Donna. Music Student Jody Mills Writes, Sings, Compositions Just for Kicks
  • Wessling, Donna. Theater Review of The Diviners – Theatre & Dance
  • Green, Travis. Classes, Groups Get More Voice in Associated Student Government
  • Kistler, L.B. Big Crowd Not Enough as Tops Lose 2-1 to Cats – Baseball
  • Martin, John. Reds Will Beat Angels for Title – World Series
  • Tatum, Doug. New Basketball Coach Ralph Willard Trying to Catch Up
  • Track Team to Run in Semotion Relays
  • Women’s Golf Team Finish 10th at Oklahoma


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