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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Black, Sam. Faculty Can Expect 5-percent Pay Raises
  • Houchens, Gary & Noelle Phillips. Earth Day Organizers Hope Public Remains Interested
  • Smart, Steve. A Helping Hand – photo of two Special Olympics participants
  • Food Services Losses Mount – Dining Services
  • Wessling, Susan. Education College Dean Named Carl Martray – Education & Behavioral Sciences
  • Graduate Leaves $200,000 for Journalism – Virginia Wood Davis
  • Residence Hall Association Fills Most Executive Council Positions
  • Ads Show Greeks Aren’t Just Partiers
  • Weber, Rob. Greeks Battle It Out All Week – Greek Week
  • Don’t Penalize Students with Fee
  • Chattin, John. Editorial Cartoon Big Red Stealing Students’ Money
  • Victims Can Report to Counselor – Sexual Assaults
  • Kirkwood, Trace. Associated Student Government Taking Wrong Path
  • Gibbons, Stephen. Give Sean Dollman More Play
  • Moore, Patrick. Play University of Kentucky at Diddle Arena
  • McMahon, William. Causes for Low Faculty Morale
  • Tucker, Mark. Keep Old Seal Intact
  • Dillard, John. Please Consider Staff
  • Center for Visitors Nearing Completion – WKU Welcome Center
  • Dorria, Donna. Nite Class Mimics MTV Gameshow
  • Jones, Angie. People Waking Up, Befriending Earth – United Student Activists
  • Phillips, Noelle. Kentucky Activist Groups Too Polite
  • Black, Sam. Master Plan Worries Residents
  • Carter, Tricia. Purrfect Way to Find Library Books in Use – TopCat, University Libraries
  • Man Attacks Student Near Wetherby
  • Black, Sam. Residents Riled Over Roof Repair Racket – Bemis Lawrence Hall
  • Weber, Rob. If the Shoe Fits, Teach in Japan – Caroline Thompson, Amy Bivin
  • Bricking, Tanya & Laura Howard. Benefits of Contracting Debated
  • Weber, Rob. Wind, Rain Cause Slow Times in Meet – Track & Field
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Defensive Stars Go in Late Rounds – Football
  • Kistler. L.B. 4 Players Pick Tops Over Pros – Baseball
  • Kistler, L.B. Toppers Win Battle of the Bats 12-10 – Baseball
  • North Hardin Star Signs with Toppers – Jason Eitutis
  • Women’s Tennis Team Inks Lone Oak Standout – Amy Haskins
  • Western Alumni Beats Bears 99-94 – Football
  • Former Assistant Hired at Morehead State – Allan Hatcher
  • Golf Team Ends Season with Last-Place Finish
  • Dorris, Donna. Western Finishes 17th in Firestone Invitational - Golf
  • White Team Blitzes Red 34-6 – Football
  • Carter, Tricia. Turf Management Program Could be Offered in Fall – Agriculture
  • Baldwin, Paul. Class Studies Cosmic Seeds – Agriculture


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