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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Houchens, Gary. Nepotism Not Issue in Choice of Regent – Robert Chambless
  • Houchens, Gary. Alumni Donate Windfall – Raymond Preston, Hattie Preston
  • Ballard, Carl. We Watch Our TVs and Pray –Persian Gulf War, 1991
  • Thomas Meredith Appointed to Southern Regional Education Board
  • Economic Advisory Board Swings Into Action – Institute for Economic Development
  • New Honors Program Director Named – Sam McFarland
  • Phillips, Noelle. Pearce-Ford Tower Residents Get Breath of Air
  • Kappa Sigmas’ Cannon Stolen
  • Regent Appointment Raises Question of Nepotism
  • Bradley, Jim. Editorial Cartoon Regent Wedding
  • Thanks to Mike Ballard, Pearce-Ford Tower Residents Breathing Easier
  • Tatum, Doug. Ever Been in a Turkish Prison?
  • English, Chris & Debby Cherwalk. Workers Praised – Facilities Services
  • Colvin, Michael. Welcome, Freshmen – Associated Student Government
  • McKnight, Ashley Elizabeth. Reception Honors New Kentucky Queen – Nancy Cox, Miss Kentucky
  • Baldwin, Paul. Rushee Count Down, Bid Percentage High
  • Martin, John. Let There be Light: Fears of a Blackout Turned Off
  • McKnight, Ashley Elizabeth. Dorm Residents Will Get New Addresses This Fall – Zip Codes
  • Fall from Walkaway Kills Graduate Scott Willett
  • Police Probing Western Student’s Death – Kristi Hedden
  • Poynter, Chris. Expected Drop May Ease Crunch – Enrollment
  • 2 Locations Cash Checks
  • Baldwin, Paul. Kappa Alphas Say Move Will Help with Rush
  • Marin, John. New Parking Lots Could Ease Woes
  • Baldwin, Paul. Freshmen Adjust Real Well
  • Harkins, Tracy. Students Hassle with Phone Service
  • Weber, Rob. Physical Plant Feels the Bite of Soaring Gas Prices
  • Tuition Plan Won’t Affect Western – Kentucky, Tennessee Reciprocal Agreement
  • Overby, Carol. Frankly, My Dear, He Gives a Damn – Carlton Jackson, Hattie McDaniel
  • Weber, Rob. Sidewalk Idea Nets Hard Cash – Ideas for Efficiency Committee
  • Poynter, Chris. Bugs in Student Fee Payment System Bug Some
  • Ballard, Carl. Students Learn Via Television
  • Ballard, Carl. Anxiety Mounts as Troop Buildup Continues – Persian Gulf War, 1991
  • Ballard, Carl. Deployment has Little Effect in ROTC
  • Hadley, Kim. Students Work to Make Cell Into a Home – Housing & Residence Life
  • Carter, Tricia. New Dean Foresees Favorable Changes – Carl Martray, Education & Behavioral Sciences
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Jerome Martin, Webbie Burnett Trying to Luck with NFL Teams
  • Swiney, Donnie. Sun Belt Looking to Expand
  • Swiney, Donnie. Jack Harbaugh Impressed with First Scrimmage
  • Dorris, Donnie. Intramurals Kick Off Friday
  • Burton, Marsha. Tops Adjusting to New Changes – Volleyball
  • Kistler, L.B. Equestrians Gallop to Top in U.S.
  • James McNary Trial Date Rescheduled
  • Sun Belt Conference Commissioner’s Cup
  • Tennis, Baseball Team Tryouts Set


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