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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Houchens, Gary. Students Take Sides in U.S. Senate Race
  • Martin, John. Police Connect Gang to Attack on Student
  • Phillips, Noelle. Juggling Administrative, Academic Duties Full-Time Job – John Petersen
  • Meeting of American Association of University Professors Delayed
  • London Theatre Tour Offered Again
  • Vincent, Bruce. Credit Union Fights Changes
  • Good Speakers Outweigh Has-Been Bands
  • Bradley, Jim. Editorial Cartoon University Center Board
  • Alumni Answer Calls for Cash – Phonathon
  • Mueller, Chrissie. Event Disappoints Fan – Midnight Madness
  • Pike, Daryl. Construction Problems – Preston Health & Activities Center
  • Dockery, John. Locker Area for Players – Women Reporters
  • Bristol, Amy. No Harm Intended – Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Tatum, Doug. Nobody Wins in Political Game
  • Phillips, Noelle. Accrediting System Changing
  • Green, Travis. Volunteers Ring in Record for Third Year in a Row – Phonathon
  • Weber, Rob. Sexism in Classrooms Abounds, Study Says
  • Puttin’ on a Show: Kappa Delta Shenanigans
  • Lovett, Tom. Coming Together? Election to Determine if Area Governments Will Merge
  • Lovett, Tom. Proposed Amendments Could Have Little Opposition
  • Lovett, Tom. Voter Apathy Leads to Low Election Turnout, Teacher Says – John Parker
  • Brooks, James. Empty Chairs Not Unusual in Friday Classes
  • Armes, Anya. What Am I? Curiosity Hall Makes Learning Fun – Kentucky Museum
  • Pociengel, Kim. Staff Couples Maintain Individuality
  • Lovett, Tom. Catacombs Club Like Stepping Back to the ‘60s
  • Rutledge, Dawn. Students Profit from Others’ Spring Break Journeys
  • Brooks, James. Lighthouse Mission Store Aids Needy with Caring, Warmth
  • Kistler, L.B. Seniors Leave on Low Note – Soccer
  • Daugherty, Brian. Playoffs in the Picture for Football
  • Summar, Bart. Foreigner Not Laughing Stock Anymore – Liesl Diedericks
  • Burton, Marsha. Lady Tops Battle Middle Tennessee Tonight – Volleyball
  • Rugby Club Rolls Over Vanderbilt University Twice
  • Burton, Marsha. Western is Tops with Butch Gilbert – Football
  • Daugherty, Brian. Edward O’Carroll Wins Vanderbilt Race – Track & Field


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