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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Vincent, Bruce. Authority Cites Risk of AIDS
  • Phillips, Noelle. Regent Makes Waves at His First Board Meeting – Bobby Bartley
  • Summers, Kaye. Athletic Director Search Won’t Begin Soon
  • A Major Loss to the Institution – Jimmy Feix
  • Poynter, Chris. Haunted Hall Guests Get Chills, Condoms – Potter Hall
  • Doctorate Clears Another Hurdle
  • Woman Wants Preston Health & Activities Center Renamed
  • Martin, John. Associated Student Government Seeks Incentives for Resident Assistants
  • Process of Selecting Regents Too Political
  • Bradley, Jim. Editorial Cartoon Governor’s Process of Choosing Regents
  • Gripe Day Eases Tension
  • Ponder, Bentley. Definitely A Sigma Phi Epsilon Year
  • Davis, Michael. Hill Loses Trees, Beauty – Preston Health & Activities Center
  • Halbert, Christy. Support Athletes
  • Tatum, Doug. Era Ends: Jimmy Feix will be Missed on Hill
  • Taylor, Christine. Horse Lovers Hooked on Thrill of Showing
  • Martin, John. Center Receives its Third Largest Grant - $600,000 – Institute for Economic Development
  • Weber, Rob. We Do Care, Financial Aid Director Says at Associated Student Government Forum
  • Martin, John. A Class Act Leaves Mark on Western – Jimmy Feix
  • Brooks, James & Dawn Rutledge. Event Promotes World Unity – International Day
  • Phillips, Noelle. Still No Vote on Western XXI
  • Overby, Carol. Perfect GPA Hard to Maintain
  • Yates, Lauren. Back to School: Faculty, Staff Continuing Education
  • Hoover, Amy. Demand Increasing for Teachers
  • Mills, Jerry. Selling Goods, Skills Supplements Income
  • Weber, Rob. Associated Student Government Rehashing Fall Break Proposal
  • Armes, Anya. Artist Says Tracing Widespread – Ray Harm
  • Kistler, L.B. Chris Hutchinson Scores with Originality
  • Daugherty, Brian. Topper Runners Win, but Teams Fall Short – Track & Field
  • Swiney, Donnie. Louisville Whips Toppers 41-7 – Football
  • Kistler, L.B. Toppers End Season Tonight – Soccer
  • Two Men’s Basketball Scrimmages Set
  • Western Brushes Evansville to the Side – Rugby
  • Burton, Marsha. ‘Special Group’ of Seniors Play Last Home Match – Volleyball
  • Trina Wilson Redshirted for Future Season – Basketball


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