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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Tungate, Matthew. Council on Higher Education Will Examine Possible Increases – Tuition
  • Hannah, Jim. Some Students Ho-hum About Iraq Air Raid
  • Brewer, Mike. Womens’ Faculty Pay Lagging Behind Mens’ – Salaries
  • Mallon, T.J. In Pearce-Ford Tower It’s Flood, Sweat, Tears – Housing & Residence Life
  • Investigation Going to Grand Jury – Dining Services
  • Non-Traditional Students Need Their Own Floor – Housing & Residence Life
  • Hofmann, Martin. Editorial Cartoon Non-Traditional Student Roommate
  • People Poll: Should Non-Traditional Students Have Their Own Floor?
  • Yates, Brandi & Cynthia Card. Hilltopics Unclear About Adapters – Housing & Residence Life
  • Cottongim, Sarah. Quit Complaining About Cable Service
  • Smith, Adam. Letter Misleading – Homosexuality, Gays, Lesbians
  • Edwards, Clay. Tuition Increase to Be Discussed
  • 93 Things to Do In 1993
  • Cecil, Jill. With Magic, Listeners No Longer Get the Bird – FM96.7, Radio Stations
  • Provano, Jennifer. Desk Clerks Dropped Because of Money Cuts – Housing & Residence Life
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. Country Star Wynona Judd to Rock Diddle Arena in February – Concerts
  • Lewis, Scott. Class Project Becomes Mission to Recognize Native Americans – Native American Network
  • Marches to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday
  • Ball, Julie. Residents Make Their Own Rules – North Hall, East Hall, Housing & Residence Life
  • Root, Tonya. A New Way to Score on Thursday Nights – Bowling
  • Jackson, Wes. Fall Semester Enrollment Decreases
  • Mills, Jerry. Library Friends Have to Pay Fee – University Libraries
  • Wells, Greg. Students Invited to Join Sierra Club
  • Lakies, Nadine. Laundromats Will Be Completed This Month – Housing & Residence Life
  • Varney, Dennis. Swimmers to Stay in Diddle Pool, for Now – Swimming
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Tops To Defend High Rating Tonight – Basketball
  • Batters, Tom. Lady Toppers to Endure Three Games in Five Days – Basketball
  • Nations, Jeff. Football Drives on Despite Financial Problems
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Milton Biggins with Dallas Cowboys
  • Nations, Jeff. Compensation? Scholarship Offer Enough – Athletics
  • Irvine, Chris. Western Trying to Fill Gaps in Program – Football


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