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Special edition of the College Heights Herald.

  • Poynter, Chris & Tom Batters. From Students to Stars, Alumni Make It Big – Larnell Harris, Andy Stahl, Terry Wilcutt, Steve Gorman, William Natcher, Frank Etscorn, Bill Sanders aka Whitey, Todd Buchanon, Don White, Charlie Napier, Tommy Wallace, Joe Bugel, Chris Turner, Kenny Perry, Darnell Mee, Steve Crocker, Clem Haskins, Dale Lindsey, Riley Ware, Renee Westmoreland, Tellis Frank
  • Grundy, Julie. A Secret No Longer – The Barons, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Nations, Jeff. Coming of Age – Eck Branham, Football
  • Still Tackling Photo Spread – Football


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