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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Tungate, Matthew. Brereton Jones Wants to End Overlap – Higher Education
  • Broadbent, Stephanie. In Enemy Fire – ROTC
  • Tungate, Matthew. Thomas Meredith Ultimately Responsible
  • Flynn, Leslie. Trash Cash: Group’s Prize Money is Bagged – Adopt-A-Spot
  • Padgett, Brian. Not All Staff Are Nice – Small Business Development Center
  • Molley, Sean. Columnist’s Opinions Are Too Moralistic – David Bunnell
  • Angle, Dennis. WBKO Is Misleading – Television Stations
  • Lee, John. Editorial Cartoon Bill Clinton Holding Up Tobacco Farmers
  • Combs, Whitney. Writer Isn’t Objective – David Bunnell
  • People Poll: Are Resident Assistants Wrong to Criticize Policies?
  • Plan is Socialist – Bill Clinton’s Health Care Plan
  • Points Need Long Look – Bill Clinton’s Health Care Plan
  • Plan Costly to Some – Bill Clinton’s Health Care Plan
  • Intentions Are Good – Bill Clinton’s Health Care Plan
  • Bravo to Columnist – David Bunnell
  • Others Need Raises – Thomas Meredith
  • Movies Are Outdated – Cable Television
  • Peek, Carol. Rules Need Changing
  • Elections Today – Student Government Association
  • Student Government Association to Study Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance
  • Phon-A-Thon Raises $40,000
  • Garner, Lena. Roundtable Unites Honors Students – Kentucky Honors Roundtable
  • Cecile, Jill. Blood Money: Students Make Cash on Donations – Blood Drives
  • Reynolds, Becky. Speakers Spark Conference Talk – Women’s Studies Conference
  • Quarles, Mitchell. Unita Blackwell: Let Us Take Care of America
  • Clark, Ellen. Some History Wiped Away, Seminar Says – Egyptology
  • Hannah, Jim. Ed Parker Back For Termites
  • Wilson, Sherry. Parents Experience College Life – Parents’ Day
  • Varney, Dennis. Former Athletes, Coaches Honored – WKU Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Frakes, Jason. Tops Bomb Blazers 40-13 – Football
  • Bernhardy, Alan. Cross Country: Teams Finish Third, Head to Southern Illinois Friday
  • Nations, Jeff. Baseball Fanatics Crying Over Nolan Ryan
  • Varney, Dennis. Amber Simons Stars in Wins – Volleyball
  • Nations, Jeff. Tops Split in Soccer Tournament
  • McCarty, Stephanie. Michael Curran Bites Bulldog – Tennis


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