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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Cecil, Jill. Students Not Sold on Walking Student Escort Service
  • Flynn, Leslie. Student Government Association: The Students’ Connection to Western
  • Flynn, Leslie. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . You’re On the Air with Student Government Association – New Rock 92 Radio
  • Former Resident Assistant Will Appear in Court – Glenn Watson
  • Sigma Chi Injured in Scuffle – Steve Newman
  • Education Reform Shouldn’t Be Rushed
  • Lee, John. Editorial Cartoon Brereton Jones as Mercury
  • Sound Ruins Dracula – Raymond McNally
  • Domino’s Ads False
  • Dorms Are Too Cold – Housing & Residence Life
  • United Student Activists Deserves Money
  • Viewers Should Hush – NYPD Blue
  • Computers Needed – Zacharias Hall
  • People Poll: Should the University Keep the Student Escort Service?
  • Bunnell, David. Life Doesn’t Start at Mother’s Discretion – Right-to-Life
  • Chard, Alex. Music Power: If It’s Too Loud, Then You’re Too Old
  • Oktoberfest Full of Food & Music
  • Professors Jazzing Up Gala Concert – Jazz Gala Concert
  • Morris, Linda. Faculty Groups Want Ray Mendel on Regent Finance Committee – Faculty Senate
  • Flynn, Leslie. Frankfort Rally Reduced Cuts, Students Agree – Demonstrations
  • Flynn, Leslie. Tuition: Students to Protest Increase – Demonstrations
  • Flynn, Leslie. United Student Activists, Student Government Association May Solve Conflict on the Air
  • Daniels, Jerry. Physics Professor Focusing His Energy on Recruiting Minorities – Charles McGruder
  • Ritchie, Christa. Hey, Sexy, Haven’t We Met Before? – Dating
  • Provano, Jennifer. Safe Space Aids Abuse Victims – Barren River Area Safe Space, BRASS
  • Cook, Drew. Trouble, Right Here on the Hill – Pool, Billiards
  • Allen, Craig. Nirvana’s New Album Makes the Grade
  • Hannah, Jim. Boy’s Story Blends Heart With Humor – Rudy, Movie Review
  • Kelly, John. Runner Adjusts to New Role – Michelle Murphy
  • Frakes, Jason. Salukis Underdog Against Western – Football
  • Nations, Jeff. Baseball Player Says It Works – Josh Patton
  • Varney, Dennis. Hey, They’re a Team to Contend With – Volleyball
  • 10K Festival Brings Vince Gill to Hill – Concerts
  • Soccer Team Loses Fourth Straight


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