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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Koger, Lee. Cuts May Sidetrack Women’s Progress – Budget
  • Stewart, Nikita. Many Students Won’t Vote – Associated Student Government
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Taxes: Deadline Help Available
  • Advertising Campaigns Class Takes Regional Honors
  • Hannah, Jim. Students Vote Today on Associated Student Government Amendments
  • Students Must Elect Responsible Associated Student Government President
  • Richardson, Patrick. Editorial Cartoon Joe Rains Darth Vader
  • Linville, Michelle. Mark Miller’s Involvement Makes Him a Leader
  • Wilson, India. Associated Student Government Needs Joe Rains
  • Seiber, John. Mistianna Holcomb Takes a Stand for Students
  • Woodring, Judy. Melony Jones Loved & Respected by Peers – Associated Student Government
  • St. Cyr, Joseph. Acceptance in Short Supply at Western – Gays, Lesbians
  • Green, Eric. Coach Showed Poor Sportsmanship – Paul Sanderford
  • Harper, Stephen. College Heights Herald Discusses Same Issues
  • Lucas, Marion. Administration Dupes Us Again – Marriott Corporation, Dining Services
  • Bryan, Angela. Forensics Team Wins State Title
  • Carwile, Joe. Keeping Them on Their Toes Photo Spread – Theatre & Dance
  • Burnham, Maria. Student Health Service Offers HIV Testing
  • Bryan, Angela. Workshop Stresses Relaxation
  • Grundy, Julie. Joseph Iracane Says Audit Close to Completion
  • Koger, Lee. Jimmy Feix’s Plea Doesn’t Sway Group – Faculty Senate, Football
  • Stivers, Stephanie. Nicotine Patches Help Smokers Stick to Quitting
  • Koger, Lee. Potter College Gets Interim Dean – David Lee
  • Batters, Tom. Basketball Coaches Chase Recruits
  • Anna, Cara. Because of Their Long Successful Season, the Lady Toppers’ Recruiting Process is Behind Schedule
  • Martin, John. Schools to Discuss Future of I-AA Football
  • Irvine, Chris. Toppers Continue Upswing – Tennis
  • Nations, Jeff. Youthful Toppers Making Big Strides – Track & Field
  • Batters, Tom. One-Run Games Derail Tops – Baseball
  • Martin, John. Women Getting Second Wind – Golf


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