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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Stewart, Nikita. After Boot from Business, Charles Ray Resigns
  • Brooks, James. His Father Influenced John Parker’s Politics
  • Baldwin, Paul. Musician’s Last Performance Best Ever – Lisa Hicks
  • Professor to Study in Middle East – Mark Lowry
  • Meadows, Melanie. Panel Addresses Environmental Issues – United Student Activists
  • Let Students Know How Teachers Rate
  • Quire, Jeff. Editorial Cartoon Thomas Meredith Evaluation
  • Grimes, Steven. Hooch Story Valuable – Alcohol
  • Goble, Corban. Teacher Finds Land of Stark Contrasts on Soviet Union Tour
  • Laswell, Reginald. Gay Issues Ignored
  • Mounts, Brian. Fishy Motives? – Associated Student Government
  • Ade, Allison. College Heights Herald Biased
  • Baker, Leslie. Courtesy Called For
  • Mallon, Tracy. 10 Attend Consumerism Session – United Student Activists
  • Armes, Anya. Scavengers Net $100 from Hunt
  • Stewart, Nikita. Dance Company Shines at Night – Theatre & Dance
  • Burkhead, Roy. Nashville Influences Local Music
  • Burton, Stacey. Table Tennis Not a Fluff Sport – Ping Pong
  • Maxwell, Tracy. Skin Cancer Danger Makes Some Want Safe Tan
  • Burton, Marsha & L.B. Kistler. Baseball Dad Jerry Burrough Shares Tapes with Other Parents
  • Daugherty, Brian. Top Distance Runners Face World-Class Field – Track & Field
  • Burton, Marsha. Tops Shut Out Bellarmine 4-0 – Baseball
  • Daugherty, Brian. Eddie Godfrey Waits for NFL Draft
  • Daugherty, Brian. Quarterback Spot Up for Grabs
  • Western to Host Banshee Classic


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