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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Armes, Anya. Heather Falmlen Wins Amid Associated Student Government Election Protests
  • Weber, Rob. Group Urges Students to Boycott Election – Associated Student Government
  • Weber, Rob. Wherefore Art Thou, My Kelli, Kelley, or Kelly?
  • Brooks, James. Peers Praise Bart White’s Tenure – Faculty Senate
  • Earth Week 1991 Begins Tuesday
  • Poynter, Chris. Low Salaries Cause Faculty Flight
  • University Should End Athletic Overspending
  • Quire, Jeff. Editorial Cartoon Thomas Meredith & Louis Marciani Doctoring Athletics
  • Immature Antics Spoil Associated Student Government Election
  • Thompson, John. No Hooch Please – Alcohol
  • Decker, Derek. Associated Student Government Stories Biased
  • Sagun, Paul. No Offense Intended – Associated Student Government
  • Brooks, James. Staff Senate Would Let Staff Be Heard
  • Clingerman, Ann. On Stage – Park Avenue Dregs, Three Quarters, Rabbit Manor
  • Armes, Anya. Associated Student Government Election Results Show Three Clear-Cut
  • Johnson, J. L. Long Lines Don’t Deter Donors at Blood Drive
  • Woman Charged in Dorm Thefts – Shelley Spencer
  • Burton, Marsha. Homers Spark Tops Over Governors – Baseball
  • Summar, Bart. Junior College Star Joins the Lady Top Arsenal – Basketball, Christy Jordan
  • Daugherty, Brian. Baseball, Track to Benefit from Conference Merger
  • Freshman Wins Swimming MVP – Chan Ferguson
  • Ex-Western Swimmer Wins at Nationals – Steve Crocker
  • Rugby Team Finishes Third in Tournament
  • Cheerleading Squad Announced
  • Hoover, Amy. Hill Gets Flavor Fix at Burger Buggy


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