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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Phillips, Noelle. Sold! One Used Shopping Cart: $1 – Facilities Services
  • Armes, Anya. Dan Knowles, Heather Falmlem win Associated Student Government Primary
  • Phillips, Noelle. If You Don’t Read This, You’ll Have Bad Luck
  • Johnson, Jennifer. Students Question Insurance
  • New Computer Makes Registration Easier – Registrar
  • Missing Means Forfeiting Class – Class Attendance
  • Intramural Tournaments Next Week
  • Alex Haley to Open Education Week
  • Make Registration Less of a Pain
  • Quire, Jeff. Editorial Cartoon Registration Difficulties
  • Kozloski, Chris. Hate Weekend Closings
  • Oakes, Christopher. Bible Not Historical
  • Greenwell, Matt. Ad or Editorial? - Evidence of the Resurrection
  • Hinten, Marvin. Up Part-Time Pay
  • Campbell, Scott. Dan Knowles Has Goals – Associated Student Government
  • Schneider, Krista. Extend Visitation – Housing & Residence Life
  • Laflin, Sean. Sewer Problems Creates Stink
  • Phillips, Noelle. Curtis, Stacy. Hoochie Coochie – Kappa Sigma, Alcohol
  • Baldwin, Paul. Low Budget Equals Oodles of Noodles
  • Stewart, Nikita. Associated Student Government Top Spots Pay Big Bucks
  • Laflin, Sean. Cleaning House: Project to Rid Western of Asbestos
  • Daugherty, Brian. Merger Talks Continue as Three Join Metro Conference
  • Daugherty, Brian. Four-Way Battle for Quarterback Spot Heats Up – Football
  • Burton, Marsha. Tops Beat Vanderbilt Despite Umpire’s Call – Baseball
  • English, Danny. Topper Golfers Head to Hoosier Tournaments
  • Maxwell, Tracy. Students Getting Healthy - Exercise


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